Technical opportunities of the terminal include:

Railtank car discharge rack allows for simultaneous discharge of up to 10 railtank cars or 6 railroad platforms (2 isotanks on each).

Pipeline from terminal to the berth is DN300, and an additional pipeline is DN200. Both pipes are equipped with „pigging” system.

The technical possibilites of the terminal allow to fill/discharge product to and from all means of transport:

Now “GI Terminal” provides transshipment of petroleum and petrochemical products, such as (but no limited to):


  • Benzene

  • Heating fuel

  • Kerosene

  • Rapeseed oil

  • K10

  • 2 – ethylhexanol

  • MTAE

  • p-Xylene (para-xylene)

  • o-Xylene (ortho-xylene)

  • Cumene (isopropylbenzene)

  • Benzene

  • Gas condensate

  • Liquid product of the pyrolysis

  • C9

  • Naphtha

  • Methanol

  • N-butanol

  • Glycol

  • Isobutanol

  • N-butyl acetate

  • MTBE

  • and others


Please contact us for more detailed or tailor-made product storage & transshipment possibilities.

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