The terminal is part of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone (LSEZ status since 2010) in the ice-free port of Liepaja, Latvia. The right to operate in a free zone regime gives our customers unique business opportunities. Our operations are based on the principles of transparency, loyalty, commitment to our clients and mutual trust.


«GI Terminal» gives the highest priority to safety, quality and productivity.


Our mission is to minimize risks related to the operating activities and to continuously improve business processes so that they remain safe and efficient. We are aimed at meeting and exceeding market needs, that’s why we are continuously investing in our infrastructure and improving service levels and operational efficiency.

Today, we are a multifunctional, modern, high technology company, which provides base, industrial oils, and a wide range of petrochemical products storage and transshipment.



In 2011 the Company launched a major development project at the Terminal aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Terminal and its transshipped volumes. As a result, the Terminal capacity, service speed and efficiency were increased.


  • In addition to the existing shore tanks, 3 new shore tanks were built, each with a capacity of 3000 m³. The new shore tanks were constructed with an individual product circulation system.

  • The discharging installation was also reconstructed which increased its length to 120m. Now space on discharging installation is increased to 10 rail tank cars. New oil loading and discharging equipment was installed as well.

  • The pump station was fully renovated. There were set 6 new and efficient pumps.

  • The new boiler house was equipped with gas boiler with a capacity of 2.5 MW which can potentially be increased twice as much. It will produce steam for oil heating (up to 70°C degrees) during the winter period.

  • Three oil steam heat exchangers were built. The existing terminal pipelines were replaced by new.


The priority during the construction process was to maintain all functions of the Terminal and to ensure all security measures to protect the surrounding area and the nature of the potential risks in accordance with EU requirements.​


Activities & Services

GI Terminal provides mineral oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals storage and transshipment. Products are initially accumulated in terminal shore tanks, from which they are loaded into vessels, rail tank cars, tanker trucks, flexi-tanks and isotanks.


 The main activities of “GI Terminal”:

  • Unloading of petroleum and petrochemical products from tankers into railway cars and vice versa

  • Transshipment of mineral oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals from railway cars to tankers

  • Temporary storage (accumulation) of mineral oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals 

  • Provision of flexi-tanks loading

Additionally the cargo can be heated, blended, circulated. The Terminal ensures customer cargo segregation and maintains cargo quality.

The terminal has its own berth, No. 28, to import/export oil to/from ships, which is located on the south side of Karosta Channel.